Southside Denny Guitar Studies

Denny has been a guitar educator for most of his musical life.  He has students ranging from beginners wanting to develop and learn good habits to professionals who are  looking for new ideas. Students curious about musical theory, increasing chord vocabulary, learning  slide guitar, using alternate tunings and improvisation. Denny has 30 years of coaching experience and has been very successful at communicating his approach to all levels of students. If you are serious and would like to study with him, either in person or online, please let us know through our Contact Page on this site.

Guitar Workshops

Denny has been conducting guitar workshops for years. Over the years he has gathered a lot of information, experience and insight that he enjoys sharing. A workshop can be about many different subjects including but not limited to Improvisation, Slide guitar, Alternate Tunings, Blues Riffs and Tricks, or even a mixture. His workshops include participation, jamming and experimentation. A workshop can be a lot of fun at a party or an event, or a nice addition to a performance. You can reach us through the Contact Page on this site to book a workshop!